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Hair Loss Laser Treatment

Hair loss laser therapy is a non-surgical hair loss growth treatment. It utilises infrared low-level cool laser light as hair loss therapy. The treatment is used to encourage the hair to appear thicker, fuller and healthier.

Laser light hair therapy uses low-level cool laser rays directly on the scalp. There are no thermal components that might cause cut, burn inner tissue. Laser light therapy stimulates the red blood supply to the scalp. The added supply of red blood cells then give oxygen and nutrients to the scalp area. It stimulates the scalp and promotes blood circulation, which may create a healthy environment for your hair to grow. Hair may appear thicker, fuller and healthier.

Laser hair loss therapy involves an apparatus much like an old fashion hair dryer hood that fits over the head. You sit under the hood and the apparatus rotates and radiates infrared laser light on the scalp.