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Male Hair Loss

Despite the fact that male pattern baldness is very common, many men who are faced with hair loss feel embarrassment and have low self-esteem. When a male is experiencing hair loss it is important to know what is causing the hair loss and become educated about the available treatment options.

Common myths associated with hair loss in men are that baldness is inherited from the mother’s side of the family; and wearing a hat or using a blow-dryer can cause hair loss.
There are no facts to support any of these myths. Male pattern hair loss is caused when the hair follicle gradually becomes smaller, which results in shorter and finer hair and eventually no hair.

However genetics can play a role in male pattern hair loss ( that the gene can come from either parent, not just the mother). In addition, males who experience hair loss usually have a high presence of endocrine hormones.

Symptoms of male pattern baldness may begin appearing in men as young as 20 years old and can consist of thinning hair; a receding hairline, usually from the front toward the back over time; loss of hair around the crown of the head; or progression of hair loss in a typical “M”-shaped pattern. There are treatments available that may help to slow down the process or even make new hair grow.